Halloween Costume Contact Lenses: Here Are 6 Warnings From The FDA

2022-04-12 09:02:07 By : Ms. Jennifer King

If you are going to wear decorative contact lenses for Halloween, listen to what the U.S. Food and ... [+] Drug Administration (FDA) has to say. (Photo: Ovsyannikova Yulia / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

Your eyeballs aren’t your butt. Normally, you don’t sit on your eyeballs or slap your eyeballs while asking, “want some of this?”

Similarly, wearing Halloween costume contact lenses isn’t the same as wearing a pair of Halloween costume pants. While wearing the wrong pants can make it harder to twerk or could crack open some issues, so to speak, it shouldn’t affect your eyesight. Meanwhile, wearing the wrong contact lenses can put your oh-so-valuable eyeballs at risk. It can result in allergic reactions, infection, damage to your eyeball, vision problems, and even blindness. And few people will say, “it was a great Halloween. Oh, except for the whole blindness thing that happened.” Moreover, when your eyeball gets damaged, you can’t simply ask a talking racoon to give you a spare replacement, as Rocket did to Thor in the movie Avengers: Rocket Gives Thor An Eyeball.

That’s why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a special web page for “Decorative Contact Lenses for Halloween and More” and not a similar one for pants. The guidance is for any contact lenses designed to change the look of your eyes such as when you want to look more like a cat, a vampire, or your favorite January 6 insurrectionist. Such contact lenses may go by many different names including Halloween, fashion, colored, cosmetic, or theater contact lenses. Such lenses aren’t necessarily specific to Halloween, although showing up to your job interview or first date with demon eyes is probably not a great idea.

This may not be a good look for a job interview. (Photo By MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty ... [+] Images)

These types of lenses may be purely decorative or cosmetic and not correct your vision in any way. Regardless, you should still treat such lenses as you would corrective contact lenses. Just because something seems completely for fashion doesn’t mean that it won’t have medical implications. On their web page, the FDA offers the following six “do’s and don’ts” for such decorative contact lenses:

Just because you do something for fashion, doesn't mean that there aren't potential medical issues. ... [+] (Photo: Getty)

Of course, consider the alternative: not wearing decorative contact lenses. Sure decorative contact lenses may make you look interesting or even cool. In the end, though, is it really worth the potential and risk just to look better on Instagram or at that costume party? Remember looks and appearance are only skin deep and shouldn’t be eyeball deep.