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Not many celebrity relationships are built to last. Entertainers have busy lives, and that can make maintaining a relationship challenging. When one does go the distance, there are lessons to be learned. 

Jessica Alba and her husband, Cash Warren, seem to be one of those couples that are going to make it. They’ve already clocked 14 years together and have three beautiful children between the ages of four and 13. But what lessons can be learned from Warren and Alba’s relationship?

Warren has advice for those dating someone out of their league. He made a video for Alba’s YouTube channel where Haven Warren, the pair’s 10-year-old daughter, interviewed her parents. Although he shares how he won over Alba, who he claims is out of his league, fans may not want to follow his advice. 

In 2004, Jessica Alba was at the height of her career and began filming Fantastic Four. According to US Magazine, Warren was a production assistant on set. Warren claims it was love at first sight. But he had a girlfriend at the time, and Alba was also seeing someone else.

The two made an unbreakable connection when Warren had to take polaroid photos of Alba in different color contacts to see which one would work the best on screen. The two started dating, but they took things slow.

Their relationship was fairly quiet by celebrity standards. Then, four years later, things started to really get going for the couple. They got engaged, married, and had their first daughter, all in one year. 

Haven, their second little girl, came in 2011. Their son Hayes was born at the tail end of 2017. Even though these two have made a happy family, their first kiss was apparently a disaster. 

According to Alba, Warren had allergies on their first date. That’s totally understandable and not a deal breaker for most people. However, what happened next could have easily sent Alba running for the hills. During their first kiss, Warren sneezed in Alba’s mouth. According to Alba in her YouTube video, there were “boogers.” 

Warren jokes that “That’s how I won her over.” In the video with Haven, he tells other guys to try the same thing. He claims Alba was way out of his league, and she only ended up staying with him because of the mouth-sneeze. He says:

“… all those guys out there trying to get somebody out of your league, the key is to sneeze in their mouth when you kiss them for the first time. It works.” 

Warren’s advice probably doesn’t work. Please don’t try to sneeze in anyone’s mouth. In fact, he may even be wrong about Alba being out of his league.

She was a big star when they were introduced on the set of Fantastic Four, but his career was blossoming too. Although he was an assistant on set, he would go on to become a producer in his own right while they were dating. 

According to Psychology Today, romantic relationships between people with disparate levels of attractiveness don’t typically work out. Although Warren considers Alba more attractive than him, the truth is they are swimming in the same pool, so to speak. 

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