Diipa Khosla on launching her skincare label indē wild in India

2022-07-29 22:51:05 By : Mr. Andrew Wei

As a global face, an influencer, entrepreneur, and activist, Diipa Khosla needs little introduction. She’s a big supporter of Indian DIY hair and skincare regimes and vocal about her struggle with acne. Her revolutionary beauty brand, indē wild equally draws from traditional Ayurvedic practices and chemistry.

“We are so excited to bring indē wild home,” shares Diipa Khosla. Rooted in Ayurveda, the brand was made with desi skin in mind. “Our skin is unique and off-the-shelf products made for every skin tone just don’t do it justice. indē wild’s range of products, now and in the pipeline, are intentionally and thoughtfully formulated with science and tradition-backed ingredients that specifically target common South Asian skin concerns — including hyperpigmentation, acne, and scarring”. It was Khosla’s personal experiences with acne and uneven skin tone that led her on the path to launching a brand that creates skin solutions for the Asian community. The brand’s launch campaign in India also mimics this inclusive spirit by showing real unfiltered skin. A tête-à-tête with Diipa Khosla on the next steps for indē wild and her own skincare regime.

Self-care to me is holistic – it’s just as much about what I choose to put in my body as it is about the products I use or my environment. As a young teen and well into adulthood, I had chronic acne that completely shattered my self-confidence. I didn’t understand that self-care is a journey and thought it simply meant trying every product in the market for quick results rather than an opportunity to nurture my mind, body, and soul. Finally, I found my balance and learned to appreciate self-care through intentional food choices, and meditative and Ayurvedic practices I learned from my mother to lean on science and use products that made sense to me. Everyone’s self-care journey is different, and for me, I’ve come to really love it.

While I’m so very proud to be desi, I grew up in a culture where society defined beauty. We were told to lighten our skin, wear coloured contacts, remove body hair, etc. if we wanted to look “beautiful.” Those unfair mindsets still exist to this day globally, unfortunately, and it’s my personal mission to change the narrative. Through indē wild, we’re taking back and standing in our power – in our skin. That celebration of real-over-perfect is embedded into this brand. So much so that we do not edit skin in our photo and video content. Our packaging very proudly states “0% Photoshop.” My younger self would be so happy to be part of this movement we’ve begun.

indē wild was never a matter of if, but when, for me. I grew up in a household that practised Ayurveda with a dermatologist and Ayurvedic doctor mother. From her, I learned the power of chemistry and tradition, and their dual impact on the skin and body. After experiencing my skin journey through my adolescent years, that power was reemphasized because I saw real results from it. And so, subconsciously, through my growing up years, indē wild was taking shape.  When it came time to launch, we kept (and continue to keep) the core of our business at the forefront — our community. We celebrate and amplify real skin, texture, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, stretch marks, all the things those of us who are melanin-enriched have been conditioned to be ashamed of. And at the center messaging and branding are our pillars – transparency and representation. That foundation is of utmost importance to me. I want our customers to not only feel seen with our products but to know how our ingredients work for their unique skin needs.  I feel a personal sense of responsibility as we fight to change beauty norms in a big, never before seen way! This brand goes beyond a business; it’s a movement.

This question is tough because it’s like choosing your favourite child. Our team worked hand-in-hand with our board of experts, made up of chemists, dermatologists, and Ayurvedic practitioners, to create all-in-one products blending the finest of ingredients. Our AM Sunrise Glow Serum with 15% vitamin C is everything one would need for all-day hydration, healing, and brightness, while our 1% Bakuchiol PM Sunset Restore Serum is an all-in-one restorative, rejuvenating, and healing product that works overtime while you sleep. They serve very different but complementary purposes.

In the morning, cleanse and pat dry your skin before applying our Sunrise Glow Serum. Gently press the product into your skin – face and neck. Follow with moisturizer and don’t forget your SPF! As vitamin C brightens, balances and destresses, ashwagandha fights active blemishes and vitamin E and ferulic acid soothe and calm the skin. The result – our infamous, natural indē wild glow!  At the end of your day, unwind with our Sunset Restore Serum. Apply to cleansed, dry face generously. I love massaging the serum into my skin, gently tapping my fingers on my face as I go. We’ve formulated this cult-favorite serum with bakuchiol, an Ayurvedic, plant-based retinol alternative that promotes skin elasticity, helps to unclog pores, and aids in fading dark spots. Simultaneously, squalane works to fight free radicals while the tripeptide complex moisturizes the skin for supple, youthful results.  It’s important to note that before starting any new regime, we recommend patch testing new products on a small area of skin before full application. For sensitive skin, start with every two-day usage to every other day, and finally, work up to daily usage.

My AM and PM skincare routine is super minimalized because I think skin minimalism is my mantra. So, all I use in the morning is a cleanser and then our indē wild all in one vitamin C serum and then I add some SPF to it, if my skin is extra dry and also maybe during summer months I add on moisturiser. And again, the PM routine is really simple, just a cleanser to take off all my makeup and then the PM serum and that’s about it for the majority of the days. Again, if my skin is really dry during winter, I’ll add an extra layer of moisturizer on top of the PM serum

Oh my god so many DIY recipes, for skin one that I can remember my mum always made me do was Chandan with a pinch of Haldi and yoghurt, and that simple mask has cured all my skin ailments. For hair, mum has a beautiful DIY as well with a bit of sesame oil, hibiscus and bhringraj together and I swear by it for my Sunday champis (oil massages).

Three makeup products I can’t live without would have to be a highlighter, basically, a creamy glowy highlighter that I use all over my face, a universal blush colour that I’ll use on my cheeks and lips as well, and lastly would have to be mascara

A makeup hack I swear by is using a super multipurpose blush, so one blush that I can use on my cheeks, lips, and as eyeshadow… basically everywhere and it instantly makes me look alive

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