50 Cheap Home Upgrades On Amazon That Are Really, Really Clever

2023-01-09 21:50:39 By : Mr. Aaron Zhai

Give your home a chic upgrade on a tight budget.

They say that your home is your castle — but unfortunately, not everyone has a castle-sized budget when the time comes to redecorate or renovate their homes. Luckily, there are a bunch of cheap home upgrades available on amazon that are really, really clever. Multifold Paper Towel Dispenser

50 Cheap Home Upgrades On Amazon That Are Really, Really Clever

Whether you rent or own, sometimes it only takes one new item to update your space. It may be a fresh coat of paint on a beloved piece of furniture or a stylish and functional new bookshelf to display your favorite items. Perhaps it’s a set of soft cotton towels or a napkin holder that’s beautiful enough to double as a centerpiece.

Scroll on to see 50 affordable ways to upgrade your home.

Keep your bathroom floor dry and puddle-free with this customizable shower door seal. Made of abrasion-resistant materials that won’t scuff or scratch, it snugly grips the bottom of doors to create a firm seal so you won’t have to mop the bathroom after every use.

Beautiful and functional accent lighting can help illuminate closets, and workbenches, display your fine china or help you hunt for the right spatula. These battery-operated under-cabinet lights are easily installed in seconds for an instantly better workspace. With a run time of 100 hours, they last four times longer than other lights and are both remote-controlled and touch-sensitive, so you can turn them on and off with a gentle tap.

Stop your bed from shifting and prevent furniture from scuffing the floor with this universal furniture and bed stopper. Its compact size is large enough to fit all wheels while being small enough to clean around easily. Nonslip rubber holds on all surfaces, and handy raised edges prevent wheels from slipping out.

No more lugging buckets of water around the house — convert any shower or faucet in your home into a helpful hose instantly with this portable shower hose attachment. It attaches quickly by slipping over your shower head and is lightweight and stretchable, with a 6-foot hose that coils for easy storage.

This easy-open magnetic screen door lets fresh air in and keeps bugs out. Made of heavy-duty polyester, it self-seals to fit on all kinds of doors and is designed to withstand constant use in all kinds of weather. It opens easily with a nudge and features 26 strong magnets that close behind you like magic — hands-free!

Make space in your cabinets and show off your mug collection with this minimalist stainless steel under-cabinet mount. Capable of holding up to 22 pounds of weight, it slips on easily, fits snugly onto a shelf, and accommodates 6 to ten coffee mugs, depending on the size of the cups.

These placemats provide a beautiful and stylish way to protect your table from hot dishes. They’re heat-resistant up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and resist stains and fading. They offer an affordable way to add color to your table (choose from 16 colors) — plus, they roll up for easy storage.

This beautiful gold easel is made from one sleek, seamless wire. Perfect for displaying artwork, plates, and collectibles or even for use as a phone stand, it’s a versatile and valuable addition to your home. Best of all: it costs less than $10.

It’s hard to find your zen if you’re uncomfortable. This beautiful meditation pillow is made of soft corduroy and has a comfy shredded memory foam interior. Available in a range of beautiful colors, it’s perfect for sitting on the floor — whether it’s for meditation, reading, playing board games, or watching TV.

If you’re tired of untangling knotted necklaces or scrabbling through your jewelry box to find a matching earring, this acrylic jewelry organizer is for you. With four drawers and plenty of specialized compartments, it has a removable soft velvet lining that can be customized to your needs while protecting your valuables from scratches.

Touching up a chipped or messy paint job doesn’t have to be an ordeal. No need to dirty a brush or bust out drop sheets to catch drips — simply fill these brush pens with paint and use them to touch up any missed spots in hard-to-reach places. They are so easy to use, work on any surface, and their air-tight reservoir keeps paint fresh for up to seven years.

Whether it's to prop the door open while you bring in groceries or simply to prevent it from slamming shut on a windy day, this door stopper can hold the heaviest doors in place without budging. It’s available in chic black and silver, or plain black designs and has strong rubber padding that firmly grips the door and any type of flooring.

Add some rustic barnyard whimsy to your home with these decorative mason jar wall sconces. A string of delicate LED fairy lights create a soft, warm glow, and silk flowers offer a low-maintenance-yet-luxurious vibe. Easy to install, they’re battery-operated so that you can have gorgeous new wall accents without the fuss of an electrician.

If you abstain from wearing your favorite sweater because the thought of hand-washing and then drying it is just too much of a hassle, you need this over-the-door folding drying rack. Stylish, durable, and lightweight, it allows you to dry clothes naturally and gently, so they maintain their shape. Made of a breathable polyester mesh, it folds flat against the door when not in use, making it great for dorms, laundry rooms, and small apartments.

Make the most of your closet space; these open-ended hangers are available in seven colors and make it easy to hang pants, shirts, and scarves. With a rubber coating to keep clothing in place, they’re made of chrome-plated metal to prevent rust. They can hold up to 10 pounds, and rubber tips prevent clothes from snagging, with raised ends that stop clothes from slipping off.

Catch drips and avoid sticky, messy residue from your detergent and fabric softener dispensers with this handy Tidy Cup gadget. Designed to fit economy-sized liquid detergent containers, they snap easily into place and provide a convenient shelf for your measuring cup.

Ease up on the elbow grease and make a power tool do the hard work for you with these cordless drill brush attachments. Made of stainless steel with nylon bristles that clean surfaces without scratching, this set comes with three different-shaped brushes and an extended attachment for those hard-to-reach areas.

A perfect addition to any shelf or bookcase, these agate bookends make for truly gorgeous functional decor. Precision cut, dyed and polished, they add beautiful and unique natural artwork to your home while tidily organizing books, DVDs, or CDs.

Throwing a party? Hosting a family get-together? You need this three-piece set of BPA-free, shatterproof serving trays. With a neutral and elegant design, they’re lightweight, easy to clean, and perfect for everything from charcuterie to a table display.

No more stumbling to the sink for a glass of water in the middle of the night — add a touch of luxury to your bedside table or guest room with this beautiful water carafe. It’s elegantly and simply designed and made of lead-free glass with a cup that doubles as a lid. It holds 15 ounces of liquid and is available in various colors, so there’s one to match your decor.

Did you know that olive oil can go stale? Keep your liquid gold fresh with these airtight and leakproof oil dispensers. They’re made of clear glass and come with four stainless steel pouring spouts to ensure a smooth oil flow. The sleek bottles are easy to refill and clean, plus they are dishwasher safe and come with adorable and practical chalkboard labels.

With five tiers, these floating corner shelves are sturdy, lightweight, and easy to install. They make great use of awkward corner space, can hold up to 11 pounds of weight, and are perfect for displaying collectibles and memorabilia. They’re available in eight different finishes and are especially perfect for small spaces.

Find the pan you need without tearing apart the entire kitchen to do so with this adjustable pots and pans organizer. Its dividers can assemble to suit any cabinet or countertop, with no tools required. Constructed of solid, heavy-duty iron, each partition has a rubber coating to hold pots in place and protect pans from scratching.

Keep reusable bags all in one place with this convenient stainless steel plastic bag saver. It has a large opening on top that makes it easy to fill, and a wide dispensing slot on the bottom to make retrieving a bag convenient. Simple to install, it hangs easily on the wall or the inside of a cabinet. It’s simple to install and hangs easily on the wall or inside of a cabinet — doing your part to help the environment has never looked so good.

Declutter your junk drawer and keep it organized with this extremely durable and expandable drawer organizer. Made of eco-friendly bamboo, it’s water-resistant, naturally anti-bacterial, and easy to clean. Best of all, it has deep compartments and can expand to fit most kitchen drawers.

These cute multi-purpose baskets are perfect for wherever you need extra storage in your home. With built-in side handles, they’re made of strong steel wire, making them easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. They're available in classic black or white and are great for the pantry, laundry room, or dorm room.

This trash can is the perfect size to pop inside cabinets, under counters, or beside sinks. It’s designed from durable solid steel metal and has a shatter-resistant lining. The can is ideal for trash, recycling, and even storage and comes in 15 colors.

Give your coffee table a touch of luxury with this set of six abstract gold and marble decorative coasters. Their nonslip cork bottom won’t scratch surfaces, and the ceramic stone absorbs water/spills in seconds, so these coasters won’t stick to the bottom of your cup. In addition, they come with a beautiful gold stand for easy storage when not in use.

The elegant stone of this marble napkin holder is beautiful enough to make an interior centerpiece and sufficiently heavy to be used outdoors without toppling over in a breeze. It comes in three different colors and is easy to clean with a soft cloth.

These terry cloth towels are made of 100% cotton, come in a pack of 12, and are incredibly useful to have around. They’re fast-drying and soft enough for use on your face and body, but strong enough for tasks like cleaning your home. Grab some for the bath, kitchen, workplace, or gym. They have more than 16,000 reviews, with one reviewer raving about how they are “good value.” Choose from five colors.

For a DIY project, you can add this all-in-one decor paint to your arsenal. Great for furniture and home-improvement projects, it has a durable, chalky finish with a built-in primer, so no prep is required. Choose from 50 beautiful colors.

Eliminate slippery surfaces in your home with this easy-to-install anti-slip tape. The sturdy aluminum tape is great for all weather, so you can apply it to decks, ramps, and steps to make them nonslip. The waterproof adhesive measures 4 inches wide and provides a firm grip when applied to wood, concrete, stainless steel, plastic, or tile.

Many rug tapes out there leave sticky residue on your rug and floor or lock it immovably in one place, but that’s not the case with these rug corner grippers. Prevent tripping over rugs and rumpled corners with this hook-and-loop system (similar to Velcro) that installs quickly and enables you to keep a rug in place, while still being able to lift it and clean underneath.

Nobody likes the groaning screech of furniture sliding on the floor, especially not the resulting scuffs and scratches. Protect your floors with these felt pads. The weight of the furniture keeps the pad in place, so there are no nails or sticky tacky adhesive needed for installation. They’re safe on hardwood and all other floor surfaces and can be cut to whatever size you need.

Sometimes you just don’t want to get out of bed to turn off the light. These smart light bulbs are compatible with voice assistants like Google and Alexa for hands-free voice control, so you don’t have to. They feature brightness control and literally millions of color options, yet they’re only nine watts, so they can also help you save up to 80% on energy, according to the manufacturer.

These sleek, minimalist floating shelves are a convenient and stylish way to store your body wash and other bathtime accouterments. They come with everything you need for installation — so there’s no drilling, no screws, no holes, and no fuss. Rust-resistant, they have aerated holes at the bottom that allow bottles to dry between showers.

This modern and stylish lamp can be permanently hardwired or serve as a plug-in sconce. Compatible with LED, incandescent, and halogen bulbs, it’s dimmable, easy to install, and includes all hardware for mounting.

These realistic artificial branches have a wire core, so you can arrange them however you like to enjoy the decorative benefits of beautiful greenery without the fuss of falling leaves messing up your space. There are two pieces included, each with seven branches. One reviewer raved: “They are great quality and give a luxurious slick minimalist look to your place. [...]”

When full of flowers, the stunning design of this ceramic art piece makes it look like the vase is an arm holding a bouquet. Made of clean, elegant white ceramic, it makes a gorgeous conversation starter in any home.

Declutter your kitchen cabinets and organize your collection of water bottles with these organizing storage trays. Great for the fridge or cupboard, they use vertical space by storing bottles horizontally so you can see them clearly and grab the one you want. Made of thick, strong BPA-free plastic, they’re stackable and can hold even the heaviest items.

Block drafts, sounds, lights, smoke, and odors with this under-door draft stopper. A cotton canvas covers thick foam tubes, allowing it to glide over any floor surface without sticking. The stopper installs easily, is machine washable, and can make your home more energy efficient.

Make the most of precious counter space by consolidating your cutting boards, cooling racks, and baking sheets with this stainless steel cutting board rack. The rack is capable of holding up to three panels. One reviewer wrote, “You would wonder how you managed to live so long without one.”

This paper towel holder can be easily applied to almost any surface, allowing you to conserve counter space by mounting it on the wall or under a shelf. The stainless steel holder is rustproof and available in six different colors, so you can ensure it matches your cabinet hardware if you’re fancy like that.

Treat yourself to a luxurious in-home spa experience with this bath pillow that supports your head, neck, and shoulders while you soak. Its quilted mesh fabric is breathable, allowing airflow, so it’s soft on your skin and dries fast. Six suction cups keep it in place so you can lie back in cushioned comfort, protected from your tub's cold lining.

Make use of under-used under-bed space with these storage bags. Its lightweight, breathable material keeps dust out, and a see-through plastic cover lets you track what’s inside. With a tear-proof, reinforced handle, they can easily slide in and out from under the bed so that you can retrieve what you need with ease.

This sleek and modern toilet paper holder ensures you’ll always have a roll within reach. Made of durable, rust-proof material, it holds three rolls of paper, and its closed canister design allows it to stay clean and dry. Choose from three colors: charcoal, light gray, and white.

This tabletop wine rack is a gorgeous and functional display piece. With nonslip mats to protect your counter from scratches and a metal coating that won’t rust, it holds four wine bottles and glasses. It also has a high 4.7-star rating and one reviewer wrote, “So stylish! Adds a little elegance to the space. [...]”

If your hands are dirty from cooking, there’s no need to risk smearing germs around the kitchen — all thanks to this hands-free electric soap dispenser. Available in seven different colors, it comes with an easy-mounting wall bracket or an anti-slip bottom, ensuring it can free-stand on your counter. The dispenser runs on batteries and boasts a generous 17-ounce capacity that ensures you won’t run out of soap when you need it.

These comfy and soft down-alternative pillows are great for allergy sufferers. Reinforced piping around the edge gives them a lovely tailored look, and they come in a pack of two and are ideal for back and side sleepers. They’re machine washable and boast more than 28,000 reviews.

50 Cheap Home Upgrades On Amazon That Are Really, Really Clever

Paper Towel Dispenser Wall Mount The future’s so bright you need sunglasses, and your sunglasses collection is so impressive you need this multi-functional display tray. Made of a sturdy board with a velvet exterior that protects jewelry, glasses, and watches against scratches, this stackable organizer is great for consolidating items while saving space.